Lord's Prayer Anthem

              James Joseph Schindler

The Mission Statement

In the coming months and years more people than ever before will pray. These words of Jesus speak to the soul of every human being. The words were validated by the sacrifice of Jesus, the Son of the living God. The belief that every life is exceptional is incarnate in His sacrifice. Through the acceptance of Christ we are validated by God before heaven and the universe. Regardless of mankind’s will, God’s will will be done. If this song of Jesus’ words helps to bond hearts to God then this endeavor, the music of a simple man, can be considered a gift from God.

From the composer, James Schindler:
After being treated for more than 12 years for chronic injuries caused by a high voltage accident, I could no longer hear music in my mind or that small voice in my heart. For years when I would try to sleep in pain, I would stare through the dark into Jesus’ eyes and tell Him that I loved Him. I asked Him to take my soul to heaven if I died in my sleep. Then I would pray The Lord’s Prayer. After a small change was made in my treatment in 2006, I gradually started to hear music again inside of me. One night after playing a simple chord progression on my keyboard. I began to say the Lord’s Prayer with the notes from the progression still playing in my mind. The words and the notes fell together. I said, “God, can I put Jesus’ words to that music?” 

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Lord's Prayer By James Schindler
Cross Rhythms Review:    Ten Out Of Ten

Reviewed by Tony Cummings

A single release featuring a vocal duet, a semi-orchestral arrangement and some dazzling solo violin work (from one Chris Bergmann) all performing the Lord's Prayer may not sound like the most exciting of concepts. In fact this fresh interpretation of Jesus' prayer is extremely powerful from the first moments where female singer Jonnie Vitale soulfully emotes those timeless opening lines to the march-tempo'd climax where US-based James passionately repeats the phrase "the power", "the glory", "forever" in a dramatic conclusion. An exceptional piece of composing and arranging, this inspiring track (released here in four different versions) deserves to get the widest possible exposure.

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